The sea lock in Vlissingen

Sea lock in Vlissingen

From earlier this year, this is the lock in Vlissingen. If you get from the Westerschelde or the North Sea into The Dutch canals, you’ll pass a few locks.

Many people are afraid of them, but actually they’re fairly easy going. Even with a long keel boat as the Dinobarco, you can do it easily. You’ll need to have some experience with the boat, but when you get from the North Sea, you have plenty of experience. 😂

I love the locks when it’s all quiet and few boats are present. But you hear the water coming in and you see the water visibly rising or lowering, its just so beautiful And peaceful. It’s like mediation but while doing some active work of course as you’ll need to keep an eye on the lines and move them sometimes.

Ah, of course I’ve got a pet peeve with this, no wait, actually 2 pet peeves.

  • Boats who can’t seem to wait for their turn and pressing up to other boats to hurry up.
  • Boats whom keep their motors running while in the lock. This is not something you should do

Have a great day and soon we’ll be sailing again!