Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus sold

A Hallberg Rassy 35 sold

Finally it’s official, the Dinobarco is sold

After navigating for multiple years on this beautiful Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus with a hardtop, she is looking out for a new captain. Will you be her new captain?

I’ll be missing her heaps!

Photos and Video’s

Enjoy the pictures and video’s from the DinoBarco. Feel the vibe and the nature!

What kind of Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus is the Dinobarco actually?

Read more about the modifications I’ve done on it and some typical things for this boat.

What’s the opinion from other people?

Discover what other people are saying about the Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus. What’s their preference and why did they choose the Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus often as first Blue Water boat.

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Waar ligt de DinoBarco nu?