Pascal – My new temporary boat / home

Is this thing still on?

So that took a long time coming for me to post again.
As you all know, I’ve sold the Dinobarco Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus in February.

Since then there was a small detail of a pandemic coming between boats. But now I’m finally settled.

My new boat is a Jeanneau Sun Odessey 36 with the name of Pascal.

You can find more details on this kind of boats here:
* Sailboatdata
* Jeanneau Website

Okay, but why temporary?

Basically while I was looking for a new boat I found this boat as a rental boat. First I wanted to purchase this boat but they the rental company didn’t want to sell. So now I’ve made a deal with the rental company to be able to rent it for a longer period for a good price.

It’s a win-win situation, as during the winter boat rentals are dead in the Netherlands and I can have a nice boat for a few months while I’m looking for something else.

Next to this, I can experience as well a more familiar boat concept than the Bluewater boat concept from Hallberg Rassy. That is really interesting, as my 2 kids are having their own rooms for example.

So I’ll be staying on this boat until the end of March, after that I should have another boat lined up.

So what will happen with this site?

Nothing currently, I’ll be publishing more regularly sailing and live aboard posts again, but only not anymore from the Dinobarco.

In March I’ll rename this site probably to a new name, this is still up for discussion.
Internal family discussions are always very fierce related to this. 😀 Don’t be surprised that in the future Dino will change in Unicorn or Sea-Ra or the name popular at that moment..

Again, I’m really happy to be back on the boat and I hope I can share a fair bit of pictures and experiences of this boat. It definitely is a bit change in boat type and handling.

The sea lock in Vlissingen

Sea lock in Vlissingen

From earlier this year, this is the lock in Vlissingen. If you get from the Westerschelde or the North Sea into The Dutch canals, you’ll pass a few locks.

Many people are afraid of them, but actually they’re fairly easy going. Even with a long keel boat as the Dinobarco, you can do it easily. You’ll need to have some experience with the boat, but when you get from the North Sea, you have plenty of experience. 😂

I love the locks when it’s all quiet and few boats are present. But you hear the water coming in and you see the water visibly rising or lowering, its just so beautiful And peaceful. It’s like mediation but while doing some active work of course as you’ll need to keep an eye on the lines and move them sometimes.

Ah, of course I’ve got a pet peeve with this, no wait, actually 2 pet peeves.

  • Boats who can’t seem to wait for their turn and pressing up to other boats to hurry up.
  • Boats whom keep their motors running while in the lock. This is not something you should do

Have a great day and soon we’ll be sailing again!